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We have been providing reliable and professional Audio Video Phone Data services in the North Florida, FL area for over 17 years.

Many homeowners feel that a fan for their ceiling will lower the temperature inside of a room.

Electrical Safety Inspection Services in North Florida, FL The cost of energy is getting higher and higher each year. If you are serious about doing something about it, you’ll have no problem calling 1st Electric Response Inc. We will be able to perform an Electrical Safety Inspection. This can help you save on energy costs … Continue reading Electrical Safety Inspection
Energy Efficiency Audit Services in Florida If you’re serious about saving on high energy costs and making your home more comfortable, you need an energy efficiency audit by 1st Electric Response Inc. Your local Energy Efficiency Electrician can perform a diagnostic energy audit and implement cost-effective measures to make your house more comfortable and reduce … Continue reading Energy Efficiency Audit
Home Surge Protection Services in Florida An electrical surge is often unexpected as spikes in voltage claim the life of your electrical components that are plugged into the outlets. Many surges happen within the home, while others happen outside of it—simple tasks such as running the dryer at the same time as the dishwasher can … Continue reading Home Surge Protection
HVAC Hookup and Control Services in Florida Are you having problems with your heating and cooling electrical system? You may need our HVAC Hookup and Control Services. Are certain parts of your home too hot or too cold? Does your HVAC system occasionally not work as expected? We can provide HVAC Control services that allow your … Continue reading HVAC Hookup and Control
Outdoor / Indoor Lighting Services in Florida Lighting is a severe matter to the inside and outside of a home. Dark areas can cause unnecessary accidents, while danger lurks in outdoor areas without any lighting at all. Call 1st Electric Response Inc. for outdoor/indoor lighting services for your safety as well as others. We can … Continue reading Outdoor/Indoor Lighting
Panel Upgrade Services in Florida If you are experiencing flickering lights or the smell of hot plastic burning, calling in the experts from 1st Electric Response Inc. could prevent your home from catching fire and other damages. We do panel upgrades inside the home to update your electrical fuse box and stop the home from … Continue reading Panel Upgrade
Pool and Hot Tub Wiring Services in Florida A swimming pool and a hot tub both deal mainly with water and electricity. The risk is very high for electrocution. But the good news is, there won’t be any more risks involved whenever you call us to attend to your wiring matters. Experience Best of all, … Continue reading Pool and Hot Tub Wiring
Troubleshooting and Repair Services in Florida Flickering lights, the smell of burning wire throughout the home, and more can build up to one gigantic problem. We can resolve any electrical problem through troubleshooting and repairs. For years, we have been the trustworthy electricians that deliver quality service at affordable prices. Call today and schedule yours. … Continue reading Troubleshooting and Repair
Tesla Charging Station Services in Florida Many homeowners who own an electric vehicle choose to install a Tesla charging station at home for convenience. The vehicle can charge at night or whenever it is not in use. A Tesla charging station can be installed in your home to make it easy for you to recharge … Continue reading Tesla Charging Station
Solar Panel Installation Services in Florida Solar panels are quickly becoming more popular among home and business owners as a way to natural heat and light up a building. These days, the price of fuel keeps increasing as there is no end in sight. As we search effortlessly for an alternative fuel source, we look … Continue reading Solar Panel Installation
Smoke Detectors Services in Florida A smoke detector may save your life one day. A detector should alert the family by warning them of smoke in the home. Usually, store-bought ones are cheaper and run off of a battery, but wired devices are more dependable. You can prevent the worst from happening to your family … Continue reading Smoke Detectors
Remodeling and Additions Services in Florida Adding a new room to your house involves more than just putting up some extra walls and choosing paint colors. Making sure your electrical needs are met safely and affordably requires the expertise of a professional Electrician like our team at 1st Electric Response Inc. Our electricians can provide … Continue reading Remodeling and Additions

Having total control over your home is a major benefit to saving money and wasting less time. Smart house automation provides greater comfort and personal security.